ZAI FE uses all natural or organic ingredients and specially crafted products to complement the brand’s high quality coffee. Rather than using local syrups laden with preservatives, ZAI FE sources it’s caramels from ‘Spoonable’ in the US,  a company which uses only the best quality and organic ingredients. All ZAI FE mocha and hot chocolates are made using pure chocolate shavings sourced from Belgium for an indulgent taste. Sustainability comes as standard at ZAI FE – we are the first coffee company in Hong Kong to use 100% combustible and compostable takeaway cups from UK, made from organic materials.


The Perfect Cup

Expert Baristas prepare and serve two blends in a traditional Italian espresso bar methods – a nod to the culture and heritage of Italian coffee but undeniably Hong Kong in Style.  We  believe that a perfect shot of espresso is an art form,sourcing the highest quality coffee beans from Columbia and Rwanda to Indonesia and India, ZAI FE beans are tried and test before being shipped to Hong Kong where they are maintained and roasted in the local Kwun Tong factory.