ZAI FE meaning ‘ strong black coffee’ in colloquial Cantonese, is an Italian espresso bar coffee prepared with Hong Kong style in a creative environment. Three coffee-loving  pioneers founded ZAI FE vowing to change the coffee industry one cup at a time. Freda Lai, Wendy Tsui and Tim Shepherd, had grown tired of artificial syrups and flavors used to mask the poor quality coffee and milk, combined with the under developed barista culture. The three founders made a  promise; to deliver fresh coffee straight from the roaster, once rested to the lips of coffee lovers in less than 72 hours – expertly made by experienced ZAI FE basistas when the freshly roasted beans are at their peak.


ZAI FE across Hong Kong

The vision for ZAI FE is simple yet stylish spaces where the espresso bar takes center-stage. Each space will be designed to fit in with its surrounding and embrace its neighborhood – whether a stand-alone shop or a welcoming area with retail space. The ZAI FE cup will be as iconic as the coffee within it, with collectable designs by local artists and brands revealed with each new launch.